A REST facade for the Nesstar API

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Nesstar REST API

This is a REST implementation of (most of) the Nesstar API using Dropwizard.

Getting Started

  1. Run mvn package to build everything
  2. Copy the config.yaml.example to config.yaml and edit it to add your own server URI, logon credentials and some configuration options like interval of clean cache.
  3. Run java -jar target/nesstar_rest_api-0.4.1.jar server config.yaml

Note: The name of the JAR file may change. See the target folder. If you want to require users of your API to log in, delete the username and password lines from the config file.

The server will start up on port 8080 by default.

The port can be changed by adding a paramater to the java command like this:

java -Ddw.http.port=3000 -jar target/nesstar_rest_api-0.4.1.jar server config.yaml

Alernatively. A port can be set in the config.yaml file by adding a section like this:

   port: 3000

Documentation: https://gitlab.nsd.uib.no/nesstar/nesstar-rest-api/wikis/home